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welcome to the apache software foundation - the apache software foundation is a cornerstone of the modern open source software ecosystem supporting some of the most widely used and important software solutions powering today s internet economy mark driver research vice president gartner lauded among the most successful, running apache accumulo on amazon emr aws big data blog - anjeet chayel is a solutions architect with amazon web services this post was co authored by matt yanchyshyn a principal solutions architect with amazon web services apache accumulo is a sorted distributed key value store that is built on top of apache hadoop zookeeper and thrift, apache software foundation wikipedia - history the history of the apache software foundation is linked to the apache http server development beginning in february 1993 a group of eight developers started working on enhancing the ncsa httpd daemon, sqoop user guide v1 4 6 - sqoop is an open source software product of the apache software foundation software development for sqoop occurs at http sqoop apache org at that site you can obtain, incubator projects apache incubator - unomi unomi is a reference implementation of the oasis context server specification currently being worked on by the oasis context server technical committee it provides a high performance user profile and event tracking server incubator, beginners guide to apache pig hortonworks - sign up for the developers newsletter once a month receive latest insights trends analytics information and knowledge of big data